What is more effective: CBD oil or CBD capsules

CBD oils and CBD capsules are two deliverable methods through which you can explore CBD benefits. CBD oils may be more bioavailable than CBD capsules, which are less bioavailable but good at masking the bitter taste of CBD oil. This article details all you need to know about CBD oils and capsules and their effectiveness.

CBD products are all over, and CBD oils and capsules are two of the most widely distributed delivery methods. CBD capsules are taken orally where one ingests them with water, while CBD oils can go the oral or the sublingual route, where the latter involves putting the drops under the tongue and waiting for 30- 60 seconds to elapse before swallowing them. Still, the question about the effectiveness of the two deliverable methods remains a key concern. Of course, CBD oil is more bioavailable than capsules which are better at masking the bitter taste of CBD oil. This article explores all you got to know about CBD capsules and oils and their effectiveness.

Introducing CBD Oils and CBD Capsules

CBD refers to the non-psychoactive extract from the cannabis plant that expresses the desired effects without making one feel ‘high.’ The cannabis plant has many active compounds, adding up to more than 113, but CBD stands out for its non-psychoactive properties. According to Bauer (2020), CBD oil is the oil-based CBD, which expresses results without causing the ‘high’ effect. Meanwhile, CBD capsules are CBD oils in capped form that help a person take CBD without feeling the bitter or earthy taste of CBD oil that pisses many off.

Types of CBD

It is worth noticing that there are at least three types of CBD to enjoy, whether you choose CBD oils or CBD capsules. The main line of difference stems from the cannabinoid profile and the presence or absence of additional compounds. For instance,

  1. Isolate-based CBD oil/capsule; features pure CBD without additional compounds, no terpenes, flavonoids, or additional compounds.
  2. Full-spectrum CBD oil/capsule; has CBD with a whole range of cannabinoids, including THC, CBG, CBT, CBC, and CBN. Besides, full-spectrum CBD features terpenes and flavonoids, which could add to CBD because of the full entourage effects (Sommano et al., 2020).
  3. Broad-spectrum CBD oils/capsules; has compositions almost similar to full-spectrum CBD oil but lack THC. As such, you can opt for them to enjoy terpenes, flavonoids, and additional compounds from cannabis plants.

CBD Oils Vs. CBD Capsules: The Administration Methods

There is a difference in administering CBD depending on the delivery method you choose to go for. You can explore CBD benefits in CBD oils by taking them orally and swallowing them directly, but you can also choose to go the sublingual route where you place the CBD drops under the tongue, allow 30- 60 seconds to elapse, and swallow the drops. Meanwhile, there is the only way to take CBD capsules, i.e., through ingestion, where one needs a little water to swallow the capsules. As the next section shows, the administration method is critical in determining which product is more effective than the other.

CBD Oils Vs. CBD Capsules: Which is More Effective?

If you anticipate joining the CBD bandwagon soon, you may want to know which delivery method is more effective between CBD capsules and oils before settling for one. Administering CBD sublingually sounds better and promotes CBD bioavailability. This is because the region under the tongue has mucoid membranes full of blood vessels, especially capillaries, which take the CBD oil to the bloodstream to allow for faster absorption. Oral intake, as in CBD capsules or, if you like, CBD oils, means waiting on the cannabinoid to move through the digestive tract before finally ending in the bloodstream. Yet, the more the cannabinoid travels before absorption into the bloodstream, the less potent it becomes. As such, CBD oils seem to be more effective than CBD capsules.

Are CBD Capsules Less Effective?

Although CBD oils sound better than CBD capsules because of the difference in administration method that directly affects bioavailability and effectiveness, you may want to know if CBD capsules are entirely ineffective. In a study published in PubMed by Shannon et al. (2019), CBD capsules seemed to help improve sleep disorders. In another case, Suarev et al. (2020) established that CBD capsules might help people improve short0term sleep issues. These studies clearly show that CBD capsules are not ineffective per se and may help[with a challenge or two. Still, we need more studies to prove that CBD capsules are efficacious for all the claims linked to the. In the meantime, this article is more informative than advisory, and it does not seek to recommend taking CBD capsules for any medical challenge.

CBD Potency Matters in Determining Whether CBD Deliverable Methods Are Effective

Although CBD oils seem to be more bioavailable than CBD capsules, it does not mean that the oils will always be more effective. Potency matters in CBD effectiveness, and the higher the potency, the more the effectiveness, suggesting that CBD capsules may be more effective than CBD oils if they have higher CBD concentrations. For instance, you definitely expect a 100 mg potent CBD capsule to be more effective than a 20 mg CBD tincture or oil. Still, CBD oils and capsule with similar potencies and quality cannot compare.

The Nature of Stomach Matters

How your stomach is as you take CBD products also determines the effectiveness of the cannabinoid. For instance, CBD capsules or oils on an empty stomach slow down bioavailability and effectiveness. Contrarily, taking CBD products, including CBD oils and capsules, after eating a fat-rich meal increases the bioavailability of the cannabinoid and how fast it takes to express the desired effects. As such, if you anticipate taking CBD products and want them to be more bioavailable, eat first and focus on fat-rich foods since CBD oil is fat-soluble.


CBD oil is more bioavailable than CBD capsules, especially if you take it sublingually. Meanwhile, CBD capsules are less bioavailable than CBD oils, but they are good for masking the bitter taste of CBD oil. Still, the potency of the product matters in determining how long it takes to express the desired effects. Moreover, if you want to feel the effects of CBD oils and capsules faster, eat beforehand and focus on fat-rich foods.


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