What is CBD tincture

CBD tinctures are alcohol-based CBD delivery methods that form many people’s choice of CBD delivery. They are good for bioavailability, fast absorption, and fast results.

CBD tinctures are one of the CBD delivery methods and feature alcohol-based CBD. They are administered orally by direct swallowing or sublingually, where the cannabinoid is placed below the tongue, and 30- 60 seconds are allowed to pass before being swallowed. The area under the tongue boasts many blood vessels, primarily blood capillaries, and these allow CBD to reach the bloodstream faster. Consequently, CBD tinctures are great for anyone who wants to experience CBD effects quickly. Still, CBD tinctures are bitter because of the alcohol base, and one has to contend with this bitterness. This article takes you through all you need to know about CBD tinctures.

Understanding CBD Tinctures

The hype around CBD tinctures has crazily increased, and this delivery method for CBD is now part of the mainstream. From coffee shops to adverts, CBD tinctures have become the topic of discussion. Yet, not every person understands them, and you may want to know what they are. CBD tinctures are delivery methods for CBD, characterized by an alcohol base. CBD is not directly absorbed into the body, so it has to come in the forms the body can take advantage of. CBD tinctures are one of these deliverable methods, and the alcohol base they boast boosts CBD bioavailability, ensuring the body takes advantage of it fast.

How Do You Take CBD Tinctures?

If you are contemplating joining the CBD bandwagon soon and making the cannabinoid part of your regimen, one question you may want to answer is how one takes CBD tinctures. CBD tinctures are administered in two ways; you could go the oral route, where you place CBD drops on the tongue and directly swallow them. Alternatively, you could go the sublingual route where you place CBD drops below the tongue, allow 30- 60 seconds to elapse, and swallow them. While both are effective, most CBD companies recommend sublingual administration of CBD to ensure fast absorption into the bloodstream. The region under the tongue has blood vessels, primarily blood capillaries, and these allow for faster absorption of CBD tincture drops, translating to faster effects.

Health Benefits of CBD Tinctures

It is not unusual to come across CBD users who take the cannabinoid for fun. Still, most CBD users opt for CBD tinctures for some benefits, particularly related to health. Jadoon et al. (2017) researched the effects of CBD tinctures on heart health and concluded that since the cannabinoid seemed to reduce heart rates more than a placebo, it could be good for heart health. Earlier, Johnson et al. (2010) reported that CBD could help reduce the risk of cancer and improve the symptoms of the disease. Still, Silote et al. (2019) noted that CBD might be a better antidepressant since it seemed to work better than most antidepressants. This is in line with what García-Gutiérrez et al. (2020) reported, that CBD could fight anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental issues. You may opt for CBD tinctures to reap these benefits, but more studies are needed to prove the claims true.

CBD Tinctures for Bioavailability and Faster Absorption

With the many CBD delivery methods, why would you opt for CBD tinctures when they are quite bitter, and many find them unbearable? For the most part, you may want to tap on the bioavailability of the cannabinoid. The bioavailability index points out to how fast CBD is absorbed into the body, ultimately translating to how much the body benefits from it. CBD tinctures boast bioavailability because the alcohol medium ensures faster absorption. As such, you may want to overlook the bitterness of CBD tinctures and go for them because they are easily bioavailable, ensuring faster absorption.

CBD Tinctures for Faster Results

Most CBD fans take CBD tinctures to manage pain, inflammation, heart problems, or maybe to improve sleep or focus. As such, they definitely look forward to results whenever they administer the cannabinoid. Can you count on CBD tinctures for fast action and results? Definitely; they are among the fastest delivery methods, and their base liquid is a plus. Most CBD users report that they experience effects in under 30 minutes after taking CBD tinctures. Of course, much depends on the quality and potency of the CBD tincture, as well as body factors like metabolism and chemical composition, but tinctures generally allow for faster results.

Maximize on Shelf Lives by Buying CBD Tinctures

Most CBD users who take CBD tinctures for pain, inflammation, sleep, or some health challenges have a routine and take CBD tinctures at specific times of the day. Meanwhile, some CBD fans only take CBD tinctures when need be, say when they experience pain or sleep problems. The latter have to maximize on shelf lives, primarily because their CBD tinctures may only run out after a couple of months. If you want a CBD delivery method to last long and still allow you to benefit from the cannabinoid, you may want to try CBD tinctures. The alcohol base not only allows for faster action and increased bioavailability but also adds to the longevity of the CBD tinctures. As such, CBD tinctures will serve you well, and with proper storage conditions, you will enjoy their benefits while they are in their best conditions.

How to Properly Store CBD Tincture

Although CBD tinctures last long, you need to store them well to keep them in their best quality. You need not store them in the refrigerator, but a few good storage tips ensure you have them in the best possible forms. Of course, if you live in the hot areas, then you need to refrigerate your CBD tinctures. Otherwise, the following storage tips are ideal and will keep the tinctures in good quality;

  • Keep the CBD tinctures away from moisture to prevent hydration reactions
  • Keep the CBD tinctures closed with airtight containers to prevent air interactions and oxidation reactions
  • Keep the tinctures away from heat
  • Do not expose the CBD tinctures to light to avoid light decomposition


CBD tinctures are alcohol-based CBD delivery methods. They may be bitter, but they form many people’s favorite intake method since they are bioavailable and fast absorbed. As such, you may want to take them for pain, inflammation, and sleep, among other health challenges. With good storage conditions, you can keep CBD tinctures in their best conditions for the longest time.


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