What is CBD oil, and should you use it?

CBD oil is an extract from the hemp plant called cannabis indica and cannabis Sativa. You may have come across cannabis plants because they are grown for Marijuana. But CBD is different from Marijuana. CBD oil contains CBD mixed with a carrier oil, like hemp seed oil or coconut oil. These are known as tinctures. You can get tinctures in various concentrations. You can also put the oil in capsules, sprays, and gummies.

Most people who use CBD oil say that it treats pain and anxiety, helps to stimulate appetite, and can help stimulate some types of seizures. The article discusses CBD, the side effects, and the factors to consider once you decide to buy CBD oil.

CBD vs. Marijuana

CBD (cannabinoid) is found in the hemp plant, while Marijuana is a separate plant from the same species as the hemp plant. Marijuana has CBD and many other compounds in it. The major difference between the marijuana plant and CBD is the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) each contains. Hemp contains less than 0.3% of THC, while Marijuana has more.

The compound THC is what is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. It makes you feel high. The CBD oil does not contain CBD THC in it. , But some small amounts be in the products sold in certain states.

Uses of CBD Oil

The CBD compound has no connection with the molecules in the brain that THC connects to create the psychoactive effects. They are known as cannabinoid receptors. CBD works on the receptors that help to control pain. It also affects glycine receptors that regulate a brain chemical known as serotonin, which helps control your moods. Many people who support CBD claim that CBD oil can treat several health problems like anxiety, chronic pain, acne, depression, drug use and withdrawal, epilepsy, high blood pressure, insomnia, poor appetite, muscle spasms, and glaucoma.

CBD has gained popularity, and researchers are trying to study it more. There has also not been a lot of clinical research to search for evidence supporting these health claims. CBD is not safe for everyone. Please consult your healthcare provider if you may want to try it for managing a health condition.


Skelley et al. (2020) suggested that CBD can help treat anxiety disorders. The authors reported that the CBD had previously shown powerful anxiety and relieving effects in animal research, and the results were amazing. In many studies, low doses of CBD improved some anxiety symptoms while high doses had almost no effects. CBD acts in the brain in a way that could explain why this happens. CBD can act the same way as the surrounding molecules that connect to the receptor that turn up their signaling in low doses. But in many dose activities, this receptor site may produce the opposite effects.


CBD oil can help people with substance use disorder. In a review of published journals, Calp-Lopez et al. (2019) reported that CBD showed promise in treating people with opioids, psychostimulant use disorder, or cocaine. But the effects were different depending on the substance. For instance, CBD without THC did not lower the withdrawal symptoms related to opioid use. On the other side, it did not reduce the drug-seeking behaviors in the people using methamphetamine and other similar drugs.

High Blood Pressure

According to Jadoon et al. (2017), CBD oil can reduce the risk of heart disease because it can reduce high blood pressure in some people. In the study, nine healthy men took either 600 mg of CBD or a similar dose of placebo. Those who took CBD had a lower blood pressure before and after experiencing stressors like extreme cold or exercise. The study looked at the amount of blood left in the heart after a heartbeat. The stroke volume in the men who took CBD was low than in the placebo group. This means that their hearts were pumping more efficiently. The study suggested that CBD oil can be a complementary therapy for people with high blood pressure affected by anxiety and stress. But there is no evidence that CBD oil can treat high blood pressure or avoid people’s risk. Stress can complicate high blood pressure, but it does not cause it.


According to Ben-Zeev (2020), the Food and Drug Administration approved a CBD oral solution known as Epidiolex, which treats two rare forms of epilepsy in children of two years. Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet. These rare genetic disorders cause seizures starting in the first year of life.

Besides the two disorders mentioned above, CBD’s effectiveness for treating seizures is not popular. Even with Epidiolex, whether the anti-seizure effects are known from CBD or other factors is not clear. There is some clear evidence that CBD interacts with seizure medicine like Clobazam and raises the concentration in the blood. But more research is still needed under the link.

Possible Side Effects

Clinical research has shown that CBD oil may cause side effects. The specific side effects that a person has and how bad they are different from one person to another and from one type of CBD to another. Several side effects that people report from using CBD include anxiety, changes in mood, dizziness, change in appetite, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, and diarrhea. CBD oil can also increase liver enzymes, which makes liver inflammation. People with liver problems should consult a healthcare provider before using CBD oil. They should have their liver enzymes frequently checked if they are using CBD.

Can You Use CBD Oil when Pregnant?

Avoid using CBD oil if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Despite that, the effects of CBD are not well known. It does not pass through the placenta. The American Academy of Pediatrics stated that pregnant people should avoid using Marijuana because of the potential risks to the developing fetus. Avoid using heavy machinery while taking CBD oil, especially when you first begin using it or switch to a new product. Remember that some products are THC free, even in small amounts.


Hemp plants are grown for different purposes. Some species are made for Marijuana, but others are used to make CBD products. Unlike Marijuana, CBD products cannot make you feel high. But it helps relieve stress, anxiety, nerve pain, and drug withdrawal. There are many health benefits of CBD oil, but the evidence is lacking. Most of the studies were conducted using animals but not human beings. If you are interested in using l, you should first learn about the various dosages and preparation. The products are also not regulated, so you may not know whether the product will work and be safe. Before using CBD oil, consult your health provider if you are under any medications or have other health conditions. You should avoid these products.


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