What is better hemp cream or CBD cream?

CBD and hemp creams are topical products used externally on the body. Although they are made from compounds originating from hemp, they are different in significant ways. This article helps you know the major differences between CBD and hemp creams, assisting you to decide which one would be better.

If you are a fan of creams for managing pain, you likely have come across CBD and hemp creams. Most pharmaceutical and health firms sell CBD and hemp creams since they are both in demand. Of course, CBD and hemp creams are made from hemp. However, the two creams vary significantly. Hemp creams are made from pure hemp plants and may have additional compounds. However, CBD creams are made from hemp extract, CBD, and not hemp itself. Because of the major difference in composition, the two creams also differ in uses, although the application is the same across the board. Peer into this article to know how different CBD and hemp creams are.

The Basics of CBD and Hemp

Hemp is one of the many plants in the cannabis family. Alongside other plants, hemp boasts multiple compounds called cannabinoids. CBD is one of the cannabinoids and takes the day’s cake for being a subject of scientific interest for the longest time. Why, though? According to Massi et al. (2006) and Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound or cannabinoid in hemp and other cannabis plants. Besides, Watt & Karl (2017) described CBD as a therapeutic cannabinoid. Thus, CBD is popular for two reasons: it has non-psychoactive effects, and using it benefits the body therapeutically. The two properties are the cannabinoid’s strongholds and explain why it has become a critical part of the major industries.

What Are CBD and Hemp Creams?

Creams are topical products used in a localized area, and primarily for external use. CBD and hemp creams are among the many creams we have in the pharmaceutical world. As the name suggests, hemp cream comes from the hemp plant. The hemp plant, especially the seeds, are harvested, crushed, and processed to form the cream. Of course, other ingredients come into the picture in forming hemp cream, including essential oils, which, according to Djilani et al. (2012), are therapeutic and medicinal. Meanwhile, CBD cream feature CBD, a hemp extract. The plant has many chemical compounds or extracts in the form of cannabinoids, and CBD cream uses one of them, i.e., CBD. While hemp cream depends on hemp seeds for extraction of the key ingredients, CBD creams are made from hemp plants’ leaves, stems, and flowers that boast high CBD concentrations. Thus, the other major difference between CBD and hemp creams is that the former features CBD in high concentrations while hemp cream barely has any CBD.

How Are CBD and Hemp Creams Applied?

If you are contemplating using CBD or hemp cream, one question that may bother you and whose answer you might want to know is how to apply either of the creams. Thankfully, the application method for all creams, CBD and hemp-based inclusive is the same. Thus, you need no special skills to use either cream, especially if you have used other creams in the past. All you need to do is pat-clean the area on which you want to apply the cream. The next step includes putting the cream on your hand and allowing it a little time to dissolve from the palm’s heat. Next, apply it to the affected area, gently and firmly massing it until you feel the effects.

What Are the Creams Effective for?

Do you want a cream for external application? The JustCBD cream line offers different types of CBD creams, including heat roll-on cream and cold roll-on freeze pain cream. The two and others in the category are applied as described above. Still, you may wonder what each of the two creams is best or most effective for. According to Rezapour-Firouzi et al. (2013), hemp features powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, according to Liang et al. (2015), hemp seeds have polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), and applying the hemp cream allows you to take advantage of them. How about CBD creams? Are they any useful? According to Hammell et al (2016), CBD can fight inflammation. Besides, the same study established that the cannabinoid can help manage pain, which Vučković et al. (2018) also confirmed in their review. Thus, while CBD and hemp creams may both help with inflammation, the former may also be ideal for pain management, although more studies are needed to prove the claims true. Of course, additional benefits of the creams depend on the individual ingredients in each class.

Buying CBD Cream

Buying CBD cream may sound like a good idea but it is not the easiest work. There are many CBD companies and each claim to offer the best and highest-quality CBD products. Thus, choosing which brand to go for is not easy. At the JustCBD store, we don’t just promise but also deliver. Our CBD cream will meet your needs since they feature good-quality ingredients. The following features describe JustCBD creams, including the 350 mg CBD heat relief pain cream;

  • The creams are made from organic ingredients and feature no toxic or inorganic compounds that would compromise their safety profiles
  • They are 3rd party tested and the results posted online on the brand’s website
  • The creams feature full-spectrum CBD, offering the cannabinoid and the whole range of chemical compounds in hemp plants for additional benefits
  • They are prepared in a GMP-compliant manufacturing facility, boosting their safety profile
  • They are made from the US-sourced hemp grown in line with the current hemp growing standards
  • The 3rd party test results on the centralized Lab Report hub on the brand’s website show that the creams have no heavy metals


CBD and hemp creams share one thing in common; they originate from hemp. While hemp creams are extracted from hempseed, CBD comes from the hemp plants’ leaves, flowers, and stems. Thus, hemp cream barely features any CBD creams while CBD creams boast high amounts of CBD. Of course, the two creams are applied topically, and this article explains how to go about the process. Peer into it to know the major differences between CBD and hemp creams.


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