How much CBD should be in a bath bomb

Typical CBD bath bombs have 25- 100 mg of CBD oil, although this can always change, especially if you are making CBD bath bombs at home. Many factors come to play in determining how much CBD should be in your ideal CBD bath bomb, and you might want to consider the reason behind going for the bath bombs and the severity of the condition, among many factors.

VBD bath bombs are among the most popular CBD products CBD fans are fast embracing. They are designed in such a way that you put them in warm water, allow them to dissolve, and soak yourself in the bathwater for 20- 30 minutes. CBD bath bombs come in different types based on the type of CBD oil used to make them, the flair of choice incorporated in them, shapes, and color transformations. Still, how much CBD oil should be in a bath bomb remains a major concern. Although most CBD brands sell CBD bath bombs with 25- 100 mg of CBD oil, you might want to hype or low the CBD potency, but many factors come into play, as brought out in this article.

What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

This section helps you understand CBD bath bombs before delving into how much CBD oil should be in the bath bomb. CBD bath bombs are CBD-infused bath products designed to dissolve in warm water and allow one to soak himself in the water to benefit from it. Meanwhile, CBD as a compound refers to the non-psychoactive plant extract from hemp and marijuana. These are cannabis plants and have more than 113 active compounds, also called cannabinoids, and CBD is one of them. Despite the great number of cannabinoids, CBD remains on top of the popularity ladder for its ability to express the desired effects without causing one to feel ‘high.’

You can enjoy a plethora of CBD bath bombs depending on color variations, shapes, flairs of choice, and essential oil compositions. Still, you can explore at least three types of CBD bath bombs based on the type of CBD oil, as follows;

  1. Isolate-based CBD bath bombs; feature isolate or refined CBD oil that has no other compounds from cannabis plants but has CBD.
  2. Full-spectrum CBD bath bombs; such bath bombs feature full-spectrum CBD oil with synergistic effects, which Anand et al. (2021) refer to as the full entourage effect. Such types of CBD oil and the products made from them have multiple cannabinoids, including THC, CBC, CBN, and CBT, and also have terpenes and flavonoids.
  3. Broad-spectrum CBD bath bombs; are made from broad-spectrum CBD oil whose composition is almost similar to full-spectrum CBD oil, except for THC.

How Much CBD Should Be in CBD Bath Bombs?

Back to the main agenda of the article, you may want to know how much CBD should be in a typical CBD bath bomb. This is critical if you need to prepare the DIY CBD bath bombs at home and must calculate how much of the cannabinoid you need in the bath product. Interestingly, there are no dosage recommendations for CBD oil in different products, including the bath bombs you might want to prepare at home. Generally, CBD in CBD bath bombs ranges between 25 and 100 mg, but it is not cast in black and white that a certain amount of the cannabinoid has to be featured in CBD bath bombs. Ultimately, the amount one CBD fan adds to the CBD bath bomb recipe varies slightly or widely from the other CBD user, depending on many factors discussed below.

Why Are You Using CBD Bath Bombs?

Whether you want your DIY CBD bath bomb at home or contemplate buying CBD bath bombs from CBD outlets, the CBD strength in the product you want to focus on depends on why you want to use CBD bath bombs. Laczkovics et al. (2021) noted that CBD oil reduces depressive symptoms in patients. Earlier, Garcia-Guttierez et al. (2020) reported that CBD oil might fight anxiety and depression. With this in mind, many people opt for CBD bath bombs to manage stress and depression and may need potent CBD bath bombs. Meanwhile, if you only need CBD bath bombs for relaxation, you might not focus on potent picks.

The Severity of the Condition

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, many CBD fans use CBD-infused bath bombs to fight anxiety and depression. If that’s you, you may consider the severity of your condition when determining how much CBD should be in your bath bomb. For instance, if you soak yourself in CBD bath bombs to manage occasional anxiety and depression, you might not need a lot of CBD in the CBD bath bombs. Meanwhile, if your bath bombs help manage chronic issues, they may have to be more potent.

A Person’s Genetic Makeup

A person’s body makeup also determines how much CBD he can sustain in the bath bombs. For instance, if your body metabolizes CBD oil faster, you could opt for more potent CBD bath bombs, say those with up to 100 mg of CBD oil. Meanwhile, if you are not good with CBD oil and only take a little in tinctures and edibles or capsules, you might have to keep the trend even as you choose the right potency in CBD bath bombs.

A Person’s Experience with CBD Oil or Products

Your experience with CBD oil or its products also comes to play when determining how much CBD should be in your bath bomb. For example, most CBD veterans take more potent CBD products, whether in edibles, capsules, or tinctures. Such are more likely to opt for more potent CBD bath bombs and other bath & body collections. However, fi you are new to CBD and unsure about how it might interact with the body, less potent CBD picks sounds better for you. As such, you might opt for 25 mg CBD bath bombs and keep the trend when preparing your CBD bombs at home.


CBD studies are generally limited, and there seems to be no recommendation on how much CBD should be in a CBD bath bomb. Most CBD bath bombs feature 25- 100 mg of CBD oil, but you can hype or lower this, depending on why you are using the bath bombs, the severity of the condition, your experience with CBD oil, and more. Herein discussed are guidelines on how much CBD should be in your bath bomb.


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