How long does it take for dog CBD oil to kick in?

Generally, it takes about 30- 45 minutes for CBD to start working in a dog and for him to feel the effects of the cannabinoid. Still, the exact time CBD oil takes to exert effects varies from one dog to the other, depending on the potency and concentration of the CBD oil, and the dog’s metabolism and body factors, among many factors discussed below.

You can expect CBD oil to start working 30- 45 minutes after administering it to your dog. Like human beings, there is no exact time for the cannabinoid to work in dogs; it can go below 30 minutes or past 45 minutes. Many factors determine the action time of CBD oil in dogs, including how full the dog is while administering the CBD oil, the dog’s metabolic rates, and body composition. In addition, the potency and dosage of CBD oil also influence how fast the effects of the cannabinoid take to surface. Here is everything you need to know about how long CBD effects take to manifest in dogs.

Introducing CBD Oil

CBD is the non-psychoactive chemical compound in hemp and marijuana known for its therapeutic effects (Watt & Karl, 2017). Cannabis plants boast many other chemical compounds collectively called cannabinoids, and CBD is just one of them. Other cannabinoids include THC, CBC, CBN, and CBT, all of which have unique properties. CBD oil is the dilute form of CBD, prepared by basing CBD in a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or MCT coconut oil. The carrier oil makes CBD easily absorbable since the body cannot absorb it as a compound.

CBD Oil in Dogs: Why?

Giving dogs the psychoactive THC or marijuana would sound slightly off since the furry friends do not need the ‘high’ effect. However, CBD oil is gaining popularity because of its purported health benefits. Besides, Schilling et al. (2021) found that CBD oil might be good for chronic pain. Inflammation is a common problem in humans and animals and may be experienced in injuries and underlying conditions like arthritis. Schuelert & McDougall (2011) reported that CBD oil helped reduce inflammation and pain in rats, suggesting that the cannabinoid might have powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. What’s more, Greb & Puschner (2018) showed the therapeutic properties of CBD oil, revealing that the cannabinoid may be a great source of adjunctive therapy. While these study findings are promising and show potential in CBD oil, there is insufficient scientific evidence to prove that CBD might help with these health challenges.

How Long Does CBD Oil Effects Take to Kick in Dogs?

Knowing how long CBD takes to manifest its effects in dogs determines how effective it is for your dog, and if you should up the dosage. Interestingly, there is no exact time CBD oil takes to show effects in dogs. Generally, you would expect the effects in 30- 45 minutes after administering CBD oil. However, this is not guaranteed and some dogs may experience the effects less than 30 minutes or more than 45 minutes after taking the CBD oil. So, what determines how fast CBD oil takes to manifest its effects? Many factors come to play, some related to the cannabinoid and others directly touching on the animal. Below are some of the determinants of how long the effects of CBD oil take to surface in dogs.

The Dog’s Body Composition and Genetics

Specific breeds of dogs or individual dogs within a breed have variations in genetic makeup, which may affect their body composition. The body composition and genetics determine how fast the effects of the cannabinoid take to surface. For instance, because of a dog’s gene, he may process CBD fast, and the effects will manifest fast. The reverse is also true. In addition, big-bodied dogs might process the cannabinoid fast and have the effects manifest themselves equally fast.

The Metabolic Rates of the Dog Matters

How fast a dog metabolizes CBD oil also affects how fast the effects manifest. The relationship is directly proportional, where faster metabolism results in fast results and slow metabolism translate to slow results. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to change the metabolism.

The Potency, Quality, and Dosage of CBD Oil Matter

The potency and quality of CBD oil and how much you give your dog all matter in determining how fast the effects take to manifest. For instance, high-quality and potent CBD oil leads to fast results, with all factors kept constant. Besides, the more the CBD oil consumed, the higher the concentration and the faster the effects will likely take to surface.

How Full the Dog Is As You Administer CBD Oil

Generally, CBD oil is easily absorbed on a fairly full stomach. You can give the dog oil-rich foods prior to CBD oil to enhance absorption. Meanwhile, empty stomachs waste the CBD oil since it takes long to be absorbed, and the longer it takes in the digestive tract, the more it loses its potency.


You can expect the effects of CBD oil to surface in a dog 30 – 45 minutes after administering it. However, it may take a short time or even longer. The dog’s body mechanism and CBD oil’s potency, dosage and quality determine how fast the effects last.


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