Does delta 8 speed up your metabolism

The more frequently you use Delta 8 THC, the longer it takes for it to exit your system. Taking high amounts of delta 8 THC can lead to fat cell accumulation. This article highlights the effects of delta 8 THC on body metabolism, among other processes.

Delta 8 THC is not a new product and has existed for quite a while. Its presence has been bolstered by the legalization of hemp and other organically derived hemp products. Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, has three main isomers, i.e., delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10 THC. These compounds have similar chemical properties but differ in the placement of carbon atoms. Delta 8 is a milder version of its more psychoactive counterpart, delta 9 THC, which is shunned for its addictive properties and high psychoactive effect on the user. Delta 8 THC is legal because it is derived from hemp naturally.

Delta 8 Body’s Metabolism

Delta 8 offers some benefits to its users, such as calming the mind and reducing stress levels. However, can delta 8 THC increase one’s metabolism? Can delta 8 THC be used to aid in weight loss? The definitive answer is yes; delta 8 THC increases the body’s metabolism. In scientific research, delta 8 was found to increase the appetite and, at the same time, reduce weight in the test subjects. According to Kleckner et al. (2019), Delta 8 increases appetite by activating CB1 receptors, responsible for inducing the psychoactive effects on its users and increasing one’s appetite. In the experiment, it was observed that Delta-8 THC-treated mice consumed substantially more food than THC-treated mice. Over 50 days, mice fed Delta-8 THC ate 22% more than normal mice. However, they remarkably shed 20% of their initial body weight! Their activity levels and cognitive function improved in addition to their weight decrease. The study concluded that cannabinoids could be used as a medicinal agent in treating obesity. According to this study, cannabis users have lower body mass indexes and are less prone to obesity than non-cannabis users. Cannabis use appears to speed up metabolism, and Delta-8 THC plays a crucial role in helping people burn more calories faster. This leads to one having a normal body mass index and making it a useful tool in losing weight or for individuals suffering from weight disorders as increased metabolic levels imply more or improved fat-burning processes in the body.

How To Combat Munchies Caused By Delta 8 THC

Earleywine (2002) noted that using delta 8 can increase one’s appetite or craving for food, leading to the more colloquial expression, munchies. However, although one can use delta 8 to reduce weight, increasing one daily serving due to munchies might not help achieve this goal. Therefore, it is important to understand how to beat the ‘munchies.’ Below are a few tricks to pull up your sleeve once the ‘munchies’ kick in.


If you’re desiring a large amount of food but don’t want to consume a whole pizza or want to stick to a balanced diet, fruit is your best alternative. According to Gautam & Gupta (2017), fruits are high in natural, healthy sugars that will keep you energized and satisfy your hunger. Furthermore, because fruits are predominantly made of water, consuming a lot of them implies you’re mostly getting full from water. The calorie content of fruits is so low that you can eat them for the duration of your high. This reduces caloric consumption and guarantees that you are well hydrated and energized.

Keep Yourself Well Hydrated

Whether you’re high on Delta-8 or not, staying hydrated is critical. You could be dehydrated if you have a serious case of munchies that no amount of food can satisfy. Drink a few glasses of water instead of eating. If you want to avoid the munchies while keeping your overall health, staying hydrated is an excellent idea. Keeping yourself hydrated lowers your highness by ensuring optimal blood flow—this speed up the metabolism of delta 8 THC in the body. Furthermore, drinking water causes your body to expend energy to absorb the water, increasing body metabolism, aided by delta 8, and thus increasing the rate at which your body burns body fats.

Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is a quick remedy for an oral fixation that lasts until the hunger pass. Munchies are frequently a physical response triggered by a high rather than a hunger response. Brushing your teeth fools your body into believing it is eating. Furthermore, the compounds in toothpaste will help you feel less hungry because the food will taste strange when it comes into contact with fluoride in the toothpaste. Furthermore, cleaning your teeth alters the saliva generated by your mouth’s salivary glands, as an increase in saliva triggers appetite. Brushing your teeth so has the potential to alter the type of saliva generated by your mouth. This could be the answer if you’re seeking a quick treatment to get rid of the munchies.

Hitting the Gym or Exercising

According to Lichtenstein et al. (2017), exercising is an excellent method to stay active and escape cravings. Because of the physical exertion, your thoughts will be drawn to your muscles rather than your stomach. Furthermore, you’re freeing up space to eat more by burning calories. Bherer et al. (2013) noted that working out enhances neural connections and increases metabolic rates. This substantially reduces delta 8 THC’s inhibition of CB1 receptors.

Furthermore, exercise increases the body’s metabolic rate, which is already enhanced by delta 8, allowing one to burn more calories while reaping the additional benefits of pain alleviation provided by delta8. It feels good to eat after a workout because you know your body needs the nutrition. Eating healthy snacks when high is beneficial.


Preliminary research studies are positive that delta 8 THC increases one’s body metabolic rates. This may be useful in individuals who are looking to lose weight. However, on the flip side, delta 8 also increases one’s appetite and can lead to one gaining weight despite the weight loss effect of delta 8 THC. Knowing how to combat munchies can be an effective combo in managing weight and obesity-related disorders. It is, however, important to seek professional advice before using delta 8 products to aid you in your weight loss program.


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