Does delta-8 help with anxiety?

Research suggests that delta- 8 may help with anxiety, but more studies are needed to provide scientific evidence for these claims. Besides, since delta- 8 THC is intoxicating, although its effects are milder than delta- 9 THC, you may want to back off from it. Here is everything you need to know about delta- 8 and anxiety.

The US and UK allow less than 0.3% and 0.2% THC in their cannabis products because the cannabinoid is psychoactive and can cause the ‘high’ effect in the user. THC is a psychoactive compound in cannabis plants, specifically marijuana and hemp. It is available in two forms; delta- 8 and -9, which are structurally similar but vary in effects and the number of double bonds. While both are intoxicating, delta- 8 is milder, and its ‘high’ effects are not as not as potent as delta- 9. Most delta- 8 fans take it for fun and hope to improve their quality of life, although others aim for better anxiety management with it. How is delta- 8 efficacious for anxiety management? Peer into this article to answer this question.

Introducing Delta- 8 (D8)

Before looking at whether delta- 8 helps with anxiety, you need to understand it. Is D8 the same as CBD, and does it contain THC? THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana and hemp (Schlienz et al., 2018), although the latter only has it in trace amounts. Akpunonu et al. (2020) defined delta- 8 as a type of cannabinoid with intoxicating effects. It is a form of THC with ‘high’ effects as other THC variants. Unlike delta- 9, its close cousin, its ‘high’ effect is less concentrated, but it is equally psychoactive and intoxicating. If you don’t want anything to do with the ‘high’ effect of THC, you may want to avoid delta- 8 products.

How to Enjoy Delta- 8

If you anticipate joining the D8 bandwagon, you rightfully want to know to benefit from the cannabinoid. CBD is another cannabinoid in hemp and marijuana plants, and people sublingually administer CBD tinctures, topically apply its creams & patches, much its edibles, and vape the cannabinoid to reap its benefit. Similarly, you can enjoy the benefits of delta- 8 by;

  • Sublingual administration; the market now features delta- 8 THC tinctures, which you can walk into specialty shops and buy, although different countries have varying delta- 8 restrictions. Sublingual administration ensures fast delivery and increased bioavailability, although you have to bear with the earthy taste of cannabis products.
  • Ingestion; like THC, delta- 8 is available in edible forms, and you can opt for its gummies and mints. The edibles guarantee taste and help mask the earthy taste that all cannabis products, including D8 items, have.
  • Topical application; you may also want to topically apply delta- 8 THC creams, balms, and patches, but it is worth noting that they are only available in regions that consider the cannabinoid legal.

Does Delta- 8 Help with Anxiety?

With enough background information about delta- 8, you may want to use its edibles, tinctures, topicals, or other delivery methods to fight anxiety. Still, you may question whether the cannabinoid indeed helps with anxiety. According to Kruger & Kruger (2022), delta- 8 may help with acute anxiety. However, the study acknowledges that delta- 8 studies are limited and that the FDA does not recommend delta- 8 for treating anxiety. Like CBD, more studies are needed to prove the efficacy of delta- 8 for anxiety, and until then, we cannot advise any THC fan to use the cannabinoid in the name of managing anxiety. If studies on delta- 8 are limited and there insufficient information to prove that it can treat pain, why do many like it?

Analyzing the Growing Hype Around Delta- 8

As mentioned at the outset, the UK and US allow people to legally buy, use, sell, or possess hemp-derived CBD, but they limit the THC content. The THC percentage by dry weight in cannabis products in the UK and US should not exceed 0.2% and 0.3%. After CBD, delta- 8 is the cannabinoid growing fast in the cannabis space. As CBD takes the forefront, delta- 8 THC occupies the midpoint. Why so? According to Mccoy et al. (2018), delta- 8 promises to improve people’s quality of life, and most people take it for recreational purposes and look forward to an improved living standard. Still, as with its efficacy for anxiety, studies are ongoing to prove that it can boost a person’s quality of life.

Is Delta- 8 THC Safe?

Most people who fancy and consume cannabis products ask many questions about their favorite picks, including how safe they are. So then, you may want to know if delta- 8 and its various products are safe for consumption. According to Dotson et al. (2022), the safety of delta- 8 remains in the gray zone. Like CBD, whose industry is largely regulated, the delta- 8 industry is equally uncontrolled. It is no wonder that you can easily come across delta- 8 products in the form of tinctures, topicals, and gummies whose production does not meet the set standards. If you have to take quality delta- 8 products, there is one thing you need to do, and the next section sheds light on this.

Look for Proof of 3rd Party Tests

Most cannabis brands conduct 3rd party tests to uphold reputation and transparency in the market. Other than making a company reputable in the cannabis space, 3rd party tests are the only proof that the product you are ordering meets or does not meet the required standards. Still, there is no certainty that any cannabis product you buy is 100% safe. Reading claims on a company’s website for running 3rd party tests is never enough; you need to prove that the company indeed conducts the tests. To do so, request for the CoA and look up information about contaminant purity and cannabinoid profile.


Delta- 8 is a variant of THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis plants. Although it is not as intoxicating as delta- 9, it has mild uplifting effects. Early research shows that it might help with anxiety, but more studies with sufficient scientific evidence are needed to prove that it might help with anxiety. As you anticipate taking delta- 8 for anxiety or improved life quality, remember that its production is largely unregulated, and some of its delivery methods have dangerous chemicals.


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