CBD consumption methods: how to take CBD oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an essential cannabis compound, including hemp and marijuana plants. Previously, consumers used smoking as the common CBD consumption method, but some felt uncomfortable. Fortunately, modern technology and science revolutionized the CBD domain significantly. Nowadays, CBD oil is consumed in various methods, including sublingual, topicals, ingestion, and inhalation. Learn more about these methods through this blog.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an essential cannabis compound, including hemp and marijuana plants. Its popularity has spread globally because it has numerous therapeutic benefits. Previously, consumers used smoking as the common CBD consumption method, but some felt uncomfortable. Consumers who disliked this method did not enjoy the CBD potential benefits. Fortunately, modern technology and science revolutionized the CBD domain significantly. Spindle et al. (2020) showed that CBD oil is consumed through sublingual, topicals, ingestion, and inhalation methods. Consequently, cannabidiol products’ demand has increased because customers can choose their preferred consumption method. However, each method has advantages and disadvantages. Let us venture into these methods.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) compound is derived from cannabis plants. This plant is classified into two major categories: hemp and cannabis Sativa (marijuana). Most companies use carbon dioxide or ethanol extraction methods to obtain cannabidiol oil. However, carbon dioxide is the industrial standard CBD extraction method. It comes in three different formats such as isolates, full and broad-spectrum. Isolates are stripped of all cannabis compounds except CBD. Therefore, it contains cannabidiol contents purely. The full spectrum is loaded with all cannabis constituents, including THC, CBD, cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), terpenes, and flavonoids. This extract favors users who are comfortable with these compounds, including THC experiences. CBD broad spectrum contains all these constituents except the THC molecule. It favors people who want cannabis compounds except for THC.

Ingestion (Edibles)

Edibles are among the speedy growing CBD consumption methods; edibles are popular. Peters & Chien (2018) showed that users could incorporate cannabidiol oil into foods or drinks to mask the unpalatable taste of CBD. Cannabidiol edibles in CBD lollipops or gummies are also ideal alternatives. They are sweet and provide the most discreet CBD consumption method, especially for consumers desiring to consume a dose while working. Consumers should understand the CBD amount in these edibles. The effects take some hours before manifesting. Proponents should avoid consuming excessive amounts assuming that the perceptible effects are being felt. Take the dose and wait for approximately one or two hours to determine the effects before consuming more.

Advantages of Edibles

  • These products are discreet
  • Consumers have infinite alternatives because they can incorporate edible oils with drinks and foods.

Disadvantages of Edibles

  • It takes some hours before the anticipated effects manifest.
  • Figuring and understanding that accurate dose is challenging.


Individuals can buy cannabidiol tinctures suppose they desire to consume cannabidiol sublingually. The consumer must put some tincture drops beneath their tongue and keep them for about 30 seconds before swallowing. This method is discreet and helps users experience calmness and relaxation.

Advantages of Sublingual Administration

  • The method is performed easily and does not require extra equipment.
  • Consumers can control their dosages easily
  • It generates long-lasting impacts.

Disadvantages of Sublingual Administration

  • Results vary with consumers
  • Some individuals cannot tolerate cannabidiol’s earthy taste.

Topical Application (Balms/Creams)

Topical product utilization is ideal for consumers who cannot tolerate other consumption methods. It involves utilizing creams, ointments, or CBD balms on human skin. According to Ali et al. (2015), this method is excellent for migraines, skin conditions, and sore muscles. The balm is applied directly to any sore region such as the back, feet, or neck. Medical providers encourage people with migraine to apply the product to the temples.

Advantages of Topical Administration

  • Topicals are the easiest CBD products to utilize
  • No additional equipment or accessories are required
  • It functions perfectly for skin problems and sore muscles such as inflammation and acne. (Baswan et al. (2020)

Disadvantages of Topical Applications

  • Consumers should apply high amounts. Suppose huge doses are required
  • Its effects do not last longer than other methods

Inhalation (Vape/Smoke)

Ogourtsova et al. (2018) reported that inhaling cannabidiol is among the quickest methods of enjoying its results. When consumers inhale cannabidiol, it enters directly into the bloodstream and lungs. Users can choose from two methods, including vaping and smoking.

Smoking Cannabidiol Concentrate

Individuals can smoke cannabidiol concentrate through an oil gear that resembles water pipes. They accomplish this by heating the oil gear’s nail where cannabidiol is put. Alternatively, users can roll a joint containing high-cannabidiol cannabis. Nevertheless, proponents who use the latter method might consume tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Advantages of Smoking CBD

  • It produces the highest cannabidiol concentration
  • This method is the quickest delivery system.

Disadvantages of Smoking CBD

  • Smoking might have adverse side effects on the throat and lungs, as reported by Nous et al. (2021)
  • High concentration is unsuitable for users who don’t require a high dosage for their problems.
  • It requires extra equipment like joint paper, an oil rig, and a dabber.

Vaping CBD Oil

Consumers can vape case cannabidiol oil using equipment called a vaporizer pen. New vaping consumers can obtain vape starter gear from numerous popular vaping brands. Most companies provide vape pens alternatively for smoking when customers require similar CBD concentration and an optimum impact without experiencing harsh feelings associated with smoking.

Advantages of Vaping CBD

  • It provides a high CBD concentration and optimum potential effects.
  • It does not generate harsh smoke that endangers your lungs and throat.
  • Consumers can modulate their dosage easily.

Disadvantages of Vaping CBD

  • Users are vulnerable to vaping greater than required
  • It requires extra equipment, including accessories and a vape pen.


Today, CBD product consumption has increased significantly. Most enthusiasts praise the compound for its potential therapeutic effects. Previously, smoking was commonly used to consume anticipated CBD dosages. However, this consumption method is not ideal for most consumers because it might cause adverse effects on your lungs and throat. Modern science and technology devised other mechanisms to take CBD, including sublingual, inhalation, topical, and ingestion. Fortunately, cannabidiol is available in a wide product range that consumers use their favorite methods. However, these methods have individual advantages and disadvantages, implying that users should stick to their most convenient one. Users should inquire about these methods if they find them confusing.


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