Avid hemp review 2021

The production and use of CBD products have become popular in the current health industry. Many people have now accepted the benefits of cannabinoid oils in the treatment of various health complications such as sleeping disorders, hangovers, anxiety, and depression. As a result, various brands have ventured into the production and supply of CBD products, including gummies, tinctures, capsules, and pain balms. These companies include Avid Hemp, whose operations, benefits, and downsides are as reviewed below.

Avid Hemp is a top CBD brand established in 2017 by a passionate team of experts who had over 20 years of cannabinoid research under their belt. Even before the breakthrough of the US Farm Bill in 2018, founders of Avid Hemp were already advocating for plant-based alternatives to prescription drugs. Therefore, having witnessed firsthand the therapeutic properties of CBD, the company set out on a mission to provide a quality, organic, and all-natural feel of CBD’s medicinal value.

While the company hasn’t been around for long, it has gained a meteoric rise in popularity, thanks to its dedication to quality and formulation of products with customers’ interests at heart. Today, the Avid Hemp brand has established its name as a top manufacturer and supplier of CBD products. The company utilizes the industry-standard supercritical CO2 extraction method and also sources local CBD-rich American hemp from Colorado and California farmlands that utilize organic farming practices.

The CO2 extraction method is certified as the cleanest. However, Avid Hemp admits their hemp isn’t USDA certified yet, but that achievement is still in the pipeline. The company does in-house manufacturing under GMP-certified facilities in Florida, after which all their product batches are shipped to licensed independent third-party testing facilities for quality assurance purposes. They offer a decent range of full-spectrum products, with a THC composition of 0.3% or less. All this information can be accessed by every customer via their website.

Avid Hemp focuses on products that help relieve chronic pain, muscle soreness, and inflammation. And on their website, the company says wellness is their main goal. Due to the cannabinoid integrity of their products, Avid Hemp ships to all 50 states, as well as internationally. The company enjoys great appeal from customers who lead active lifestyles, largely because they offer popular and quality products at fair pricing, prompt deliveries, and unconditional transparency – pillars the company credits its success to.

About the Company

On their company website, Avid Hemp promises to offer superior products and even goes ahead to say their product line is the way CBD should be. For most of us, that is quite a bold claim. However, for new buyers looking for the best CBD products to treat their unique health problems, the company needs to expound on its operations and services offered to attract more traffic. Therefore, let’s take a quick read at who Avid Hemp is to understand better.

Avid Hemp was founded in 2017 by a group of experts who shared a common goal of providing users with medicinal values of CBD. The company’s headquarters are based in Tampa, Florida. With an undying commitment to quality, the company forged a close relationship with licensed hemp farmers in Colorado and California who supply CBD-rich and reliable hemp to their facilities.

This is the foundation that has seen the company establish itself as a mainstay in the CBD industry, and is today a top manufacturer of premium CBD products in the US. Besides, as a disclaimer on their website, Avid Hemp states that their products are not intended to cure, treat or diagnose any condition but are meant to improve people’s overall wellness and quality of life. As such, the company goes to the moon and back to provide quality extracts that reduce chronic pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness.

All items in their product line are formulated using locally grown industrial hemp from organically licensed farmlands. The company leverages the services of licensed independent lab testers for quality assurance, which is why its products are devoid of heavy metals, herbicides, and other hazardous chemicals. Also, since its establishment in 2017, the company has expanded its product line from tinctures and topicals to gummies, CBD flowers, vape juices, and vape products. While none of their products is certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture, their brand founders have over 20 years of CBD research and advocacy under their belt. However, we discovered Avid Hemp does not post third-party lab results on their website to qualify their products chemical-free.

Avid Hemp Oil Cannabinoid Profile

All products offered by Avid Hemp are formulated using Full-spectrum CBD, with others being infused with active ingredients and flavors. The company offers a wide range of concentrations, with potencies per bottle being anywhere from 300mg to 500mg of CBD. The company has long been contemplating adding terpenes into their products but has recently added terpenes-infused vape juices to their line of products.

All ingredients used in the manufacturing process are natural and organic, including the flavors. Moreover, third-party party reports reveal high standards of cannabinoid integrity, purity, and potency. This ensures a worry-free customer experience. The company’s stellar reputation has also seen it attract customers from the US first and foremost, Canada, the UK, and Australia – countries to which they ship their products.

Why Choose Avid Hemp for Your CBD Needs?

As mentioned earlier, the company has over 20 years of cannabidiol research and advocacy under its belt. This is a long working period for any company that aims at providing reliable solutions to numerous CBD-related problems. The founders were convinced of the therapeutic potential of CBD way before the US Farm Bill came to pass in 2018. Therefore, as soon as the bill passed, the company utilized all the emerging technology to cultivate quality hemp and manufacture safe and sustainable cannabinoid products.

Today, Avid Hemp has established deep roots in the CBD marketplace. On their website, the company says they came into existence way before cannabis was legalized in the United States. The legalization in the 50 states was the impetus they needed to bring the benefits of CBD to the mainstream. Therefore, with over 20 years of groundwork, we can see why Avid Hemp is enjoying such as stellar reputation.

The company sources its hemp locally and utilizes eco-friendly and industry-standard CO2 extraction to obtain the full-spectrum extracts. Their sensational line of products ranges from CBD capsules to CBD oil tinctures for both personal use and pets. Their latest addition to the product line is the CBD Keto oil that is ideal for followers of the Keto diet. This product, which the company calls, “the fat burner,” contains healthy fats that can be used for cooking or infusing in your morning cup of coffee.

The bottom line is Avid Hemp has all the indicators of quality and reliability, which goes in tandem with the company’s mission to provide safe and effective CBD products to consumers via the mainstream market, and by so doing, weed out brands with troubling reputations.

Avid Hemp’s Line of Products

On the company’s website, we noticed a listing of over 30 products, which is a decent range of CBD users to choose from. Besides, all products have varying degrees of potency and price to suit your needs. Below is a summary of products offered by Avid Hemp

  • CBD Gummies.
  • CBD Oil Tinctures.
  • CBD Capsules.
  • CBD Balms.
  • CBD products for Pets.

The Avid Hemp Brand Specs

  • The company sources its hemp from the US.
  • It uses supercritical CO2 in its CBD extraction method.
  • It ships its products to all 50 United States and internationally.
  • The price ranges from $20 to $400.
  • Its CBD products have a strength of between 100mg and 5000mg.
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee.
  • It does not have a military veteran discount.
  • It offers tastes and flavors.
  • The price per mg of CBD ranges from $0.08 to $0.20.
  • Extract types – Full Spectrum.
  • Consumption Methods – Tinctures & Drops, Creams & Topicals, Capsules, Vape & Liquids, and Tinctures and Gummies for pets.
  • The products are recommended for general wellness.
  • Tincture Carrier oil – MCT oil.
  • Lab results – ISO- Certified third party licensed independent laboratories.

Manufacturing Process

Avid Hemp’s close partnership with trusted hemp suppliers from Colorado and California, along with its manufacturing practices, are the reasons the company has become one of the most trusted CBD brands in the United States. The company sources its hemp from licensed hemp farmers who strictly adhere to organic and sustainable agricultural practices.

According to the company website, Avid Hemp utilizes the supercritical CO2 extraction method to obtain solvent – and impurity-free extracts. As an industry standard, the CBD obtained using this method is considered the cleanest and devoid of residual substances. Moreover, the technique ensures that the cannabinoid integrity of extracts, as well as other beneficial phytonutrients, is maintained. All process of manufacturing from seed to sale is done with the customer’s needs at heart. The company does in-house processing from its GMD-certified facilities based in Tampa. Florida.

Here, all stages from formulation to bottling are done in-house for quality control. Aside from its dedication to sustainable farming practices and premium CBD products, Avid Hemp’s commitment to quality and transparency shines through and is evident via third-party lab reports. The company sends all batches of their products to ISO-certified independent testers who conduct Phyto-forensic verification of extracts to ascertain the accurate composition of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other substances that are natural to the hemp plant. All the updated reports on transparency and third-party reports are posted on the company website.


Today, the CBD marketplace is plagued with misinformation and inaccurate label claims. Many brands are taking advantage of consumers who are less informed on matters CBD. Besides, according to Leafreports latest brand score on accuracy, more than half of CBD companies have a troubling reputation. That is why it is important to consider the quality, purity, and consistency of CBD products.

The Avid Hemp brand, however, has worked its best to be transparent and give detailed information about its products before purchasing them. When you visit its website, you meet all the products offered, their ingredients, dosage, and use. When it comes to transparency, all of Avid Hemp’s products have been tested for the accurate composition of THC and CBD, and as well tested for purity.


It is evident on the company website that they use locally grown Colorado and California CBD-rich hemp that is nurtured in organically run farmlands. The company does all its manufacturing processes in-house and in GMP licensed facilities in Tampa, Florida. For quality control, all processes from seed to sales such as cultivation, formulation, and packaging are done in their certified facility. Overall, the products are formulated using all-natural, organic, and non-GMO hemp-extracted full-spectrum CBD oil. Moreover, to ensure quality and consistency, the company undertakes third party testing with ISO certified laboratories that:

  • Tests for the presence of contaminants and harmful chemicals.
  • Tests for cannabinoid integrity and composition.

Potency, THC, and Flavors

Data obtained from a Certificate of Analysis (COA) in August 2020 on Avid Hemp’s 500mg Full-spectrum CBD oil revealed the product had a concentration of 535.43mg per unit. Regarding potency, the 500mg oil carries 17.85mg/ml. Their website further details that all their products are full-spectrum, meaning that the THC level is 0.3% or less. This makes it a better brand choice for folks who don’t like fancy the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

During the manufacturing process, Avid Hemp infuses some of its products with active ingredients and all-natural and organic flavors to enhance the taste. As such, their full-spectrum hemp extract is available in variants of flavors, including:

  • Mint.
  • Peach.
  • The unflavored natural grassy flavor of hemp.

The company’s Full-spectrum CBD vape juice comes in various flavors, including:

  • Pineapple express.
  • Sour Diesel.
  • Bubblegum OG.
  • Fruity flakes.
  • Granddaddy purple.
  • Gelato

Their tinctures are formulated using medium-chain triglyceride MCT oil that is extracted from coconuts to maximize absorption and efficacy.

Range of Products

Avid Hemp offers one of the broadest catalogs of products on the CBD marketplace. The company offers multiple variants under categories of products from CBD capsules and tinctures to CBD-infused gummies, creams, topicals, and other hemp-derived extracts. Below is a description of some of their popular CBD products:

Pure CBD Oil

This product is meant for sublingual use, which is one of the most popular ways to take CBD oil. It comes in variations of concentrations ranging from 300mg to 5000mg. The oils have a high cannabinoid potency, among other terpenes and MCT carrier oil that makes it to be easily absorbed into the bloodstream and provide quick relief and a sense of calm.

CBD Relief Balms

Coming in a range of concentrations between 300 to 3000mg, this CBD-derived topical, according to the company website, is excellent for individuals suffering from inflammation, chronic pain, and muscle soreness. Other ingredients used in the formulation of these products include:

  • Natural flavors.
  • Shea butter.
  • Menthol.

CBD Gummies

With a concentration range of between 250 to 3000mg, Avid Hemp’s gummies are the perfect option for those who dislike the grassy taste of pure CBD oil and would instead prefer something delicious. The gummies are infused with natural flavors and sugars for sweetness and come in different shapes, flavors, and CBD potencies.

Reviewed Products

As stated above, Avid Hemp offers a wide range of products for various treatments. We could not buy from all categories but managed to sample two product lines, including CBD oils and gummies. Therefore, the two products we bought are as reviewed below:

500mg Avid Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Oil (Mint Flavor)

This CBD tincture is formulated using whole hemp plant extract and contains 500mg of CBD. When we checked the tincture’s certificate of analysis, we noted a potency of 17.85mg/ml. However, the report from our sample assessment indicated a little variance of 35.43mg of CBD. That is because the sample had a concentration of 535.43mg of CBD. The sample had a THC level of 0.1%, which is below the listed 0.3%, and could provide the entourage effect without being psychoactive.

The sample also showed the presence of terpenes, as well as the mint flavor that was responsible for the distinct flavor. The Avid Hemp tincture is available in mint, peach, and the natural unflavored form, and also comes in different concentrations; namely 5000mg, 1500mg, 1000mg, and 300mg.

250 mg Avid Hemp Original CBD Gummy Bears

First and foremost, the company recommends these gummies to those looking to ease stress and relax. The product is formulated using all-natural and active ingredients, including:

  • Citric acid.
  • Natural flavors.
  • Gelatin.
  • Lactic acid.
  • Corn syrup.

Its certificate of analysis showed that the 250mg Avid Hemp CBD gummies had a concentration of 25.47mg of CBD, and was devoid of heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and other contaminants. Other available variants of the product include the 3000mg, 1000mg, and 500mg options.

Shipping, Returns Policy, and Customer Service

Avid Hemp offers free shipping services in the United States on all orders above $100. The company has an established shipping service that covers ground shipments. Otherwise, they leverage services from the USPS and FedEx. Customers looking for express shipping can put down the request on the checkout page, although it comes at an extra fee. For the ground delivery option, packages arrive between 1 to 3 business days, and the time frame depends on your zip code. Currently, the company is unable to ship to addresses outside the USA.

The company offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee on all products that are still sealed or unused. If you find yourself in this scenario, the company recommends that you reach out to customer support at [email protected], from where you are given further instructions on your return shipment.

The company promises fair pricing, unconditional transparency, and prompt deliveries on all products. Besides, they have a fairly active presence on social forums such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The website also comes with a decent blog coverage of their products, uses, and benefits, as well as a comprehensive FAQ page that tends to your most basic questions ranging from shipping, returns, pricing, etc. Avid Hemp’s customer support can be reached via

What We Like About the Company

  • The company offers a wide range of products for people and pet use, both with varying potencies, flavors, and formulae.
  • Hemp source for all their products is sourced from licensed organic farmers from Colorado and California who adhere to eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices.
  • The company boasts over 20 years of research and CBD advocacy, which led to its existence. Avid Hemp uses industrial hemp whose genetic strains have been enhanced using the latest cloning technology that maximizes potency, consistency, and quality of their extracts.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

  • The company doesn’t offer an international shipping option and currently provides CBD products to customers based in the US. This is a limitation to international clients looking to use their CBD products.
  • The company does not post third-party lab reports on its website for customers to access. As such, you would be left guessing as to how secure their product line is from contaminants, heavy metals, and other hazardous chemicals.

Our Overall Verdict

The Avid Hemp company has been in the CBD market for a long time and has created a large customer base for its products. It attributes its meteoric rise in the CBD industry to quality, customer service, and unconditional transparency, and fair prices. The company, in collaboration with licensed hemp farmers from Colorado and California, has managed to produce a premium line of CBD products that have made it enjoy a stellar reputation in the US and beyond. The company doesn’t invest top dollar in advertising to sell. However, prioritizing quality and customer service have been the whole mark of how popular the company has become. That said, if you are looking to get started with CBD oil, or simply want to experience CBD differently, we recommend Avid Hemp products to help relieve your stress, anxiety, chronic pain, muscle soreness, and inflammation.




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